July 2020 Vendor Newsletter


The Lafayette Jockey Lot would like to extend a huge Thank You to all our Vendors for their patience and understanding during these unusual times. We appreciate your loyalty and to once again see your smiling faces.

With the recent restrictions the state has placed through the OPEN SAFELY program, the Lafayette Jockey Lot has been forced to cancel the majority of its 2020 Events. Currently, are hoping that Phasing continues and allows us to hold our ANNUAL HOLIDAY MARKET. If all goes as planned (fingers crossed!) the HOLIDAY MARKET will be extended to include the entire month of DECEMBER.

Important Reminders:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind Vendors (old & new) of few Rules & Regulations that as Vendors you are asked to follow in order to participate at the Jockey Lot:

  1. Leave the booth space as you found it. Please return the furnished table to the original position you found it within the booth, free of tags, strings, staples and stickers.
  2. What comes with you leaves with you. Do not leave ANYTHING behind. This includes unsold merchandise, trash, food wrappers, etc.…
  3. Trash barrels are not for Vendor use. All trash – this includes your unsold items, empty boxes, bags, wrappers – must leave with you. The trash barrels are for customer and food trash ONLY. Should you use the trash barrels for disposal of your booth trash, you will be fined $25.00
  4. Not all Rental Spaces include parking at the booth space. At many locations throughout the market, parking at booth spaces is for drop-off and pick-up only. By parking your vehicle at your booth, you hinder the customers view of your merchandise and may infringe on your neighbors’ space. Vendors who do not park at their booth spaces often sell more!
  5. Be considerate of your neighbors. Our Vendors are working in closely to their neighbors. Please be considerate of your volume levels, foot traffic flow and language.
  6. Open Promptly – Stay until Closing. The Jockey Lot hours of shopping are Sat 9am -5pm; Sun 10am -5pm. You are expected to be operation during these hours. Your customers are depending on you to be OPEN. They cannot buy if you are not there!
  7. Clean your booth. Per your Rental Agreement, cleaning of your booth spaces is your responsibility. Vendors should clean booth spaces bi-weekly.

Maintenance Repairs

TARPS: If you are a vendor who currently uses a tarp at your booth and are considering replacing it, please contact the Market Office prior to replacing. New regulations require these tarps to be specific in color and fire code.

General Maintenance: Should you experience a maintenance issue please report it to the office as soon as possible.

Have A Suggestion?

We are always open to new ideas. Please feel free to let us know if you have one. We are happy to consider new opportunities!

Free Coffee

FREE COFFEE continues to be available each Saturday and Sunday. However, due to OPEN SAFELY restrictions, coffee is now be available at the Restaurant window rather than the previous self-serve area. When you arrive at the window please let the server know you would like a complimentary cup of coffee. (It is now required that we dispense the coffee in our lidded cups only.)

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Vendor of the Month

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