Vendor/Seller Tips

  • Arrive Early and bring someone to help with early shoppers and bathroom breaks. Keep your eyes on your booth and be aware of possible shoplifters.
  • Bring Change in a apron or cash box. Watch your box or apron.
  • If you bring an umbrella or canopy, please have something to weigh it down with Our location tends to get a little windy at times.
  • On Hot Days, bring plenty of water or hydrating fluids.
  • Have Grocery Bags and newspaper for fragile items.
  • Pricing - Please do not get upset with someone wanting to haggle over the price. This is customary in some areas and one of the fun things of Flea Marketing.
  • Returns - You may want to post a sign on your Return Policy.
  • Have Fun!

Credit Card Policy Change (eff. 1/1/2021)

Due to the rising cost of credit card fees, it has become common practice for merchants to charge a Convenience Fee to customers electing to pay by credit card. These Convenience Fees are the charges your credit card company is charging the merchant to process your credit card. Merchants who absorb these fees are being faced with a choice of raising prices or passing this Convenience Fee on to the customer.

Beginning January 1, 2021, the Lafayette Jockey Lot will begin charging a 3.5% Convenience Fee to all Vendors choosing to pay by Credit Card. By charging this Convenience Fee to these individuals, the Lafayette Jockey Lot will be able to avoid a Booth Fee increase at this time.