February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to February! The Lafayette Jockey Lot is off to a great start in 2021 and we hope that our Vendors are thriving as well. Booth space is in high demand and to accommodate this increased demand, we will be adding 23 Lockable Spaces and 69 Outdoor Spaces during the first quarter. The Lockable spaces will be available mid-February and Outdoor spaces available March 1st. These lockable spaces will be in the form of nine additional Market Lockable spaces in the 800 Section and fourteen Lockable spaces in the 700 Section. The 700 Section is designed primarily to accommodate new Food Vendors, although several will be rented as Market Vendor space in the interim. The Outdoor Spaces will be added on the east side of both the 300 and 400 Sections.

Our Customer promotion for February is:
“Love the One You’re With”

Please be sure to let your customers know they can enter to win a
Weekend Get-away at the information desk February 13th !

WE ASK FOR YOUR CONTINUED COOPERATION regarding Louisiana’s modified OPEN SAFELY PHASE 2: Per the Office of the Governor and Open Safely: Masks are Required and Enforcement efforts do continue across the state. For the safety of customers and staff. We appreciate your commitment and hard work to help slow the spread of the coronavirus in Louisiana.

FEBRUARY 2021 VOM: The Smith’s, Booth 352 see details

Prior to 2021 the Reservable Space Policy had not been enforced and Vendors were allowed to use space out into the gravel areas. Beginning March 1 st , 2021, the Reservable Space Policy will be enforced and any Vendor renting a reservable space will not be allowed to use the adjacent gravel area (whether for selling or parking) unless rented by them. Outdoor Spaces do not include parking. Once a Vendor has unloaded merchandise, they are to park in the general parking area.

Rental Space Definitions per Current Rental Documents state:

Reservable Spaces
These spaces are approximately 10’ X 10’. Spaces are covered and include one table. Only one car is allowed for each rented space. Any additional vehicles must be parked in the general parking area. A parking space for each space is not guaranteed. These spaces must be paid in advance before setting up merchandise. A vendor has the right to reserve a space the week of by paying for both Saturday and Sunday. Once the space is rented, the vendor has the right to reserve the space by 4.00 p.m. on Sunday, for the following weekend. These are the only types of spaces that can be booked online. These spaces are $14.00 and $17.00 per day. If spaces are not reserved by Saturday or Sunday morning, spaces can be rented on a daily basis.

Going forward March 1, 2021: Parking for these spaces will in the general parking area with the exception of loading and unloading merchandise until the start of shopping hours. Should a Vendor choose to rent the adjacent Outdoor space for the purpose of parking, this will be allowed for one vehicle only.

Outside Spaces 300 & 400 Sections (east side of building):  These spaces are not covered and do not include electricity; Vendors are required to provide their own table. Please come to the office for rental payment and booth space assignment on Saturday or Sunday. Vehicles must be parked in the general parking area. These spaces are $10.00 per day.

General Maintenance: Should you experience a maintenance issue please report it to the office as soon as possible.

It pays to open promptly! Sunday, February 28th will be this month’s FREE VENDOR BICUIT DAY!

FREE COFFEE continues to be available each Saturday from 8am to 10am and Sunday from 9am to 11am. Due to OPEN SAFELY restrictions, coffee will now be available at the Restaurant window. Please let the server know you would like a complimentary cup of coffee. (It is now required that we dispense the coffee in our lidded cups only.)

A new FOOD COURT to be located in the 700 Section will be opening this year. We’re excited to be offering more food options for Customers and Vendors alike! Stay tuned for more info as it develops…