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About this event:

Created by twiflaflotDJ


A huge THANK YOU to all our loyal Vendors – some new to the Jockey Lot and some that have been participating with us for many years! Without them we could not provide a family friendly shopping and entertainment experience for our customers to enjoy. These vendors provide a large array of items and services to our Customers and along the way they have also created a Vendor Family. A GREAT group of individuals, all with an entrepreneurial spirit and desire for success. KUDOS to them all!

We would like to thank all our Loyal Customers for coming out each week and helping to support our many Vendors who work tirelessly to supply you with great products and services. We hope you enjoy the family friendly atmosphere, a tasty snack, cool beverage, and some amazing music by Lafayette’s own talented musicians while you visit us at the Lafayette Jockey Lot. Thank you for your patronage!